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5 Natural Ways to Induce Sleep

5 Natural Ways to Induce Sleep
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Enhancing sleep patterns and introducing natural home sleep remedies can significantly contribute to achieving better night's sleep – and we all know we need just a little bit more of it! We have delved into the fascinating world of sleep habits and their profound impact on our overall health, we have carefully selected five natural ways to induce sleep that are easy to start, simple to follow and will get you in a great routine for a more restful night’s sleep.

Make it a date night, every night

Maintain a regular sleep schedule by waking up at the same time daily, even on weekends. This consistency helps synchronise your body's internal clock, leading to improved sleep quality over time – win win! This practice reinforces your circadian rhythm which will help achieve a more predictable sleep-wake cycle and optimise the different stages of sleep for overall well-being. By maintaining a sleeping pattern, it eliminates the chances of developing a sleep disorder which affect millions of people worldwide. Common sleep disorders such as insomnia, can affect you from getting a good night's sleep, by experiencing a poor sleep can affect how you feel the next day. Since you are sleep deprived, you tend to rely on caffeine to keep you from falling asleep throughout the day and start worrying about if you will get enough sleep when you get to bed next.

Create bedtime routine

Woman is reading a book with a cup of tea before bed

Engaging in a relaxing pre-sleep routine to unwind is a great way to naturally induce sleep. Consider immersing yourself in a captivating book, indulging in a soothing bubble bath, or calming your mind and body with a brief meditation session. Discover what calms you and helps you relax before you ease into a restful night's sleep.

Tech detox before bed

It’s time to put down the screen at least an hour before you got to bed, babes! We know it’s hard, but it can really mess with your sleep. The blue light emitted interferes with your melatonin production, disrupting your sleep quality. Consider it a breakup to make up – with quality sleep.

Keep it zen with easy moves

Embrace the bedtime vibes by choosing leisurely activities, such as a calming evening stroll or engaging in some gentle yoga. Swap out the Hulk mode for a more soothing and unhurried approach. This deliberate shift in energy allows your body and mind to unwind, creating an environment that invites better sleep. By incorporating these tranquil practices into your pre-sleep routine, you set the stage for a more serene and restful night, ensuring you wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead.

Try a gentle, natural supplement to give you sweet dreams!

You may follow our advice with the best of intentions but sometimes, we need a little help! That’s why our Sweet Dreams gummies are formulated with natural valerian root extract to help you sleep well. These delicious passionfruit flavour gummies contain 40mg of valerian root which not only improves sleep but helps reduce stress and anxiety to help you sleep. Designed to be taken before bedtime our 100% sugar free sleep gummies are vegan, gluten free, soy free and non-GMO. If you have a hard time recharging and turning off, then these gummies could be your bedtime bestie for a supplement that helps you sleep better and have a healthy sleep!

Give our top 5 tips on natural ways to induce sleep a go and create a good sleep paradise at home! Your body and mind will be in sync, and you'll wake up feeling like a champion!

Writer and expert
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